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The Definitive Guide to Inbound Marketing for Churches (ebook)

Too many churches have noticed that their communities are no listening to what they're saying. This ebook provides church leaders with insight into new marketing methodologies that will open up new doors of growth. (Gated Content)


Is God Calling? (ebook)

No question is more important or more difficult for the person considering Christian ministry leadership than this–"Is God Calling Me?" This book is designed to help readers answer this question. This ebook delves into the biblical foundation of calling, the signposts of ministry calling, and how to train for further ministry. (Gated Content)


Swinging for the Fences (ebook)

Baseball manager Leo “The Lip” Durocher once said, “Baseball is like church. Many attend. Few understand.” Durocher was right about one thing. Baseball and church have much in common. This book will explore many of those commonalities. It’ll particularly focus on 10 of the greatest baseball teams to ever grace the diamond. All of them were world champions. All of them have important lessons for ministry leaders. (Gated Content)

Blog posts

What Every Church Leader Can Learn From the World's Greatest Leader

The 2016 Chicago Cubs pulled off the greatest sports story in decades by ending a 108-year-old championship drought. Church leaders can learn a lot from the man who built the team.

Level Up Your Church App Like a Mobile Game Developer

No matter what kind of app you have, engagement matters more than anything else. Churches can learn about engagement from the master of the skill—mobile game producers.

Death Spiral: What Sears, the Mall, and Your Church Have in Common

Sears and other iconic 20th-century retailers failed to catch the signals of the changing global economy, and now they're facing a death spiral. Churches will find themselves in a similar situation if they don't make changes